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Safety starts at the top, and we help all levels from ownership to the average field hand understand their responsibility in reducing liability.

We know the ins and outs of this business

The difference, in one word, is experience. Our trainers know the industry and understand the demands placed on contract companies by the majors.

We're not just a vendor, we're your partner

Compliance requirements tend to fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways that you might not be able to anticipate. We can help you create not just a solution, but a strategy to keep your company prepared for the ever changing rules of OSHA, DOT, and the many EHS departments you will work with.


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Safety Management Systems

DOT Shield Launches

Our unique DOT compliance system has been made available to the market to assist companies with managing DOT regulatory requirements. Contact us to find out how DOT Shield can help your business.

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We've created an information system that manages all of our safety compliance requirements at an affordable price. Contact us to find out how this technology can increase the efficiency of your business.

Provide inspirational safety-related training and service to our clients today so that they, and their equipment, can save a life tomorrow.

We maintain that the focus must always be on the caliber of safety instruction that we provide to our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that we never provide redundant instruction to our clients and their workforce. We believe that our material must be relevant to the developing issues within the industry in order to achieve our mission statement. Simply, we want to connect our clients with the most progressive safety training that is available within the industry. 

We've created a powerful leadership program that fosters development and maturation for leaders in the workplace. Check it out!

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We've built our reputation on excellence in safety and Consulting, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

Our business was created in 2011 to help businesses like yours obtain dependable, budget-conscious advice in a safety-conscious world. The principle of our business has remained steadfast through the years--don't let the unexpected stop you. The unexpected can occur at anytime, anywhere.  We help you create an environment that greatly reduces the chances of an OSHA-recordable incident from occurring.  

Contact us today to discuss your current and future compliance needs.. We have highly trained and certified staff members that will give you the best customer service in the industry.


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